To keep abreast of a constantly evolving market we need to be able to offer the perfect solution for each request... even better if we can actually anticipate market demands. The reason is simple: while the challenge of globalisation offers immense opportunity, it also requires equally momentous skills in the areas of analysis, adaptation and innovation.
Emmegi Group's products are an expression of the kind of global perspective that only a large multinational organisation can deliver. A composite Group with several discrete identities that is simultaneously united and consistent in its market presence.

A Group whose Emmegi brand acts as an unstoppable engine of development and a benchmark of excellence, with a legacy of know-how able to drive the dynamics of the entire organisation. And Emmegi's operations are conducted in perfect synergy with those of Tekna, an historic and consolidated manufacturer that brings experience, competence and brand awareness to the industry, forming a two-pronged response to the needs of an often highly diversified portfolio of clients. If we consider the product range, the ability to develop customised solutions and the range of potential clients, the two brands close the circle to create an offering of remarkably comprehensive scope. This "productive" base is supported by the full expertise of Emmegisoft, the Group's software house that is capable of developing simple and intuitive solutions to cover the entire process, upstream and downstream of production operations, starting from R&D activities and proceeding to the administrative management level. Thanks to the acquisition of Keraglass, the Group has now extended its expertise to embrace also the glass sector, adding another piece to the increasingly vivid and detailed mosaic that makes the Emmegi Group an industrial leader of unparalleled prowess on the world stage. Emmegi, Emmegisoft, Tekna, and Keraglass.

Companies with different core businesses all animated by the same basic philosophy and commitment to offering their customers solutions of excellence that combine quality, innovation, flexibility and competence. A Group that operates as a system, offering complete solutions in key sectors of the building construction market. And that's not all. Emmegi Group solutions can also meet the most exacting demands of a large number of other industrial sectors. And it's precisely this all-round approach to the global market that allows the Group to continually expand by seeking new acquisitions and leveraging potential synergies across the board. A vision oriented towards continual development in an increasingly distinctive and authoritative interpretation of the international vocation of a Group whose export sales account for more than 80% of total turnover. This vision also reflects our commitment to offering dedicated expert consultancy and assistance services direct to customers, thanks also to a far reaching sales network with a diffused presence on local markets, because in today's increasingly vast and fast-moving panorama companies need a reliable vendor capable of solving their problems and proposing targeted solutions for each and every aspect of their production process. In the broadest possible scenario. In just two words: Emmegi Group.


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